Annual Regional Focal Points Workshop

The annual regional focal points workshop of MSF Southern Africa association took place on January 30-31st, 2019.

Approximately 15 representatives, acting as regional focal points for MSF Southern Africa Association participated.
The first day was dedicated to Governance as Leadership and the role and responsibilities of MSF members, as active citizens.

On the second day, we explored the local associative initiatives, developing throughout the year with the aim to mobilise their association members and connect with their local communities.

A lot of inspiring stories were shared from regional focal points.

Among them one of a group of association members from Malawi, providing information for access to medical health and other services for migrants kept in detention, while in transit.

One is certain, that there is a lot to learn from one another, throughout the MSF movement!

A big part of the day was dedicated to the approach of MSF Urban Spaces approach and ideas on how to connect closer from a local to a global context, around the issue of mobilising our members more effectively, were exchanged!

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