Campaign Strategy – Train the Trainers Workshops

6 Capacity building workshops on campaign strategy were held between May-June 2019 in the Greek Forum of Refugees Office. The capacity building workshop was delivered by 1 Greenpeace trainer (member of the Athens local team) with the participation of3 individuals from Palestine, Turkey and Kurdistan and 12 participants from the Refugee communities of Afghanistan, Congo and Ivory Coast in Greece.

The objective was to share the basics on campaign strategy and give tools to participants to facilitate sessions on their own through interactive exercises, in order for them later to be able to organize their own trainings or use the tools and skills learned in other type of activities.

Main topics:

  • Facilitation skills
  • Campaign strategy: campaign vision and objectives
  • Analysis of the situation
  • Power mapping and analysis
  • Problem analysis
  • Mapping of allies Tactics

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