Istanbul Team Activities

Following up the Health Ambassadors training planned within Urban Spaces initiative in 2019, the local team prepare a guide book for intercultural mediators.  They got the grant and now they are implementing the project as “Health Mediators”, with Ardıç Solidarity Association as the implementer, which is somewhat a continuum of the previous project “Health Ambassadors”.

In this new project, due to Covid-19 conditions, they have been organizing webinars on different health topics and they are also preparing short videos that sum up the highlights of the different webinars. Health guide books for intercultural mediators will be accessible on the project page in Turkish, English, Arabic and Farsi. They prepared the first video on cultural mediators’ responsibilities and problems that can be encountered in health contexts. There are Arabic, Farsi and English subtitles to this video. 

Also, they made videos documenting the preparation and implementation process of “Health Ambassadors” which were shot by Selen Çatalyürekli who is the coordinator of the Digital Story Map of Migrant Solidarity project taking place under the auspices of Sabancı University in Istanbul. In addition, they will publish a monitoring and evaluation report of the “Health Ambassadors” project by September 2020. 

  • Aim: Joint leisure activity, environmental sensitization
  • Target Group: Parents and children (primary school)
  • Description: Three-minute video with steps on how to plant seeds available at home and make handicrafts with them
  • The video is available in Greek and English

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