Athens MSF Urban Spaces team in schools

On the 20th and 21th of May the MSF Urban Spaces Team of Athens visited 3 schools in Attica. Following the educators’ meeting in April and on the event of the final formulation of a lesson plan on migration, refugees and diversity for educators, Athens team launched a two days pilot testing of the educational tools in primary and secondary level students.

On the first day, approximately 100 students, in 3 groups, had the chance to watch two different short films regarding war / refugee status and diversity and reflect on them with the members of the team. A 16 years old Afghan student, Arash, accompanied the team to facilitate the communication with a group of refugee children that attended the discussion. At the end, the students were asked to write on a post – it 3 things that they could do together with a child who speaks a different language.

On the second day, the team visited a primary and a secondary school on the western suburbs of Athens. Almost 90 students “walked through” a photo expedition for refugees from all over the world. The main aim of the “walk” was to reflect on why and how do people leave their countries, what are the differences in the status of a migrant and a refugee. Terms and definitions were clarified through a multiple choice game between student teams.

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