MSF Urban Spaces presentation in Dublin, IGA

More than 40 IGA representatives, guests and Asso coordinators attended the MSF Urban Spaces Initiative presentation in Dublin, during the IGA 2019. Chrysafo Arvaniti, project manager of MSF Urban Spaces, introduced the participants to the concept behind the initiative and highlighted the 3 trademarks of the project:

  • Strong networked, collaborative approach
  • Partnership Building based on equity
  • Strong Focus on Impact

6 Local Teams of Action, 50 partners from civil society organizations and migrants and refugees’ initiatives and 100 focal points of MSF volunteers, are already in place supporting the local activities. Expected reach out by the end of 2019: 2500 relevant stakeholders.

The initiative is growing as, apart from the 6 core cities, there are also 4 contributing cities and 10 more expressing interest to connect or adjust the approach in their own context.

The Focal Points from Athens, Montreal, Johannesburg and Turin presented their activities identified as common elements the positive impact the initiative had on the local community and the collaboration with the associative.

The initiative received very positive feedback and was welcomed as an innovative approach that transforms the way MSF approached associative engagement until now.

Download here the MSF Urban Spaces IGA material:

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