01. Topic: Refugees and Migrants

Istanbul has attracted domestic and international migration flows the last 30 years. The number of immigrants who arrived and settled in Istanbul between 2010-2015 proportioned the 17% of the migrants in Turkey.

Moreover, Istanbul is the Turkish province with the largest number of refugees as almost the 20% of Syrian refuges in Turkey, live there.

02. Activities

Istanbul, will develop a series of “Health Ambassadors” Workshops for Access to Health for migrants and refugees. Participants will be cultural mediators, case workers, field officers:

  • Aim is to create a group of multipliers of Health/info ambassadors working for NGOs to have up-to-date information on right to health, access to health care and health needs of vulnerable groups.
  • Also through this process, it is expected to create a network of grassroots organisations,in solidarity of migrants and refugees.

03. Partners

The following partnership exist:

Ardıç Solidarity Association, was founded by a group of volunteers and adopts a rights-based approach in every aspect of its work. Its main areas of expertise are training, advocacy and awareness raising on human rights, sustainability and co-existence within the urban habitat.

Main activities that it develops are:

  • Workshops and trainings on various topics in different neighbourhoods of Istanbul with neighbourhood/local associations and platforms
  • Awareness raising among people of different age and sex groups on gender issues.
  • Advocacy for rights-based and sustainable policies to be integrated into the local administrations.
  • Activities with a special focus on promoting the understanding around urban life and common values shared in the urban space that consists of several different segments of society.
  • Activities aiming to find a common ground to define co-existence between Turkish people and migrants by creating a space to encounter, approach and understand the “other”.

04. Istanbul Mapping

05. Istanbul Diaries

Learn about the activities, view photo material and short videos from the MSF Urban Spaces project in Istanbul.

Health Mediation Workshop

The “Health Ambassadors Training”, a training for cultural mediators/translators working with refugees in different NGOs to be better equipped to facilitate refugees’ access to health care, took place in Istanbul at the…