Jigawa State

01. Intro

In Jigawa State, Nigeria the local team of MSF Urban Spaces initiative, composed of 20 MSF volunteers of MSF West and Central Africa(WACA) Association, collaborated with the community leaders of 9 villages in Jigawa State and Marke Community.

02. Activities

With focus on COVID – 19 pandemic fight, they organized the “M – MAC, Mask me Against COVID – 19” Campaign with the aim to reduce misconceptions around the pandemic, help prevent the spread of COVID – 19 to the community and understand community’s health and social problems.

The campaign that had a total reach out to 5,000 people, included informative and interactive sessions, set up of hand washing points, distribution of 20.000 reusable mask and soaps, creation of wall painting with awareness messages around COVID – 19, distribution of information leaflets a.o.

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03. Multimedia

04. Nigeria Diaries

Learn about the activities, view photo material and short videos from the MSF Urban Spaces project in Nigeria.