01. Topic: Refugees and Migrants

Gauteng, the province where Johannesburg belongs, is considered the economic hub of the country and the place where almost half of the international migrants in South Africa settle in.

According to national data (2006), it is estimated that foreigners constitute almost 14,5% of Johannesburg’s total population. Zimbabweans and Mozambicans seem to be the largest communities, followed by Nigerians, Chinese, and Malawians.

02. Activities

Johannesburg, supports the development of a ‘Hub’ with empowerment activities for refugees visiting a local community clinic. It is also developing a series of events and activities together with refugees and migrant groups, partners in the project, with the aim to strengthen a network with civil society associations and to raise more awareness on migration issues:

Informational and Empowerment activities

  • A ‘hub’ to be supported by volunteers is going to work as a meeting space for refugees and migrants visiting a local community center, where MSF is having a mental health program. The ‘hub’ is thought as a free time activity space, where a series of empowering workshops, cultural activities a.o will be organized.

Communities Engagement

  • Workshops and Activities engaging the regional focal points with the aim to disseminate inspiring stories of actions of solidarity and connect a global network of people around them.
  • Documentation from a grassroots civil society perspective of urban challenges around the issue of migration and social innovation.

Awareness Raising

  • Public event for World Refugee Day with activities for combating xenophobia.

03. Partners

There are three key partnerships, creating synergies:

04. Johannesburg Mapping

05. Related Material

06. Johannesburg Diaries

Learn about the activities, view photo material and short videos from the MSF Urban Spaces project in Johannesburg.

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