Mexico City

01. Topic: Refugees and Migrants

Internal and international migration has played a major role in the growth of Mexico City.

Almost 12% of the city’s population is foreign born while the last years an unprecedented high number of refugees from Central America, especially Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador is entering the country, heading to Mexico City.

02. Activities

Mexico City, will focus on awareness raising activities on the fate of migrants and refugees from the south, as well as on positive stories from civil society engagement in solidarity of them:

  • ‘Mapping’ of solidarity stories: contribute to the development of an interactive mapping with positive stories connecting migrants and refugees with local communities.
  • Provide support to local informal networks of migrants and refugees with workshops on leadership skills, on creation of an association.
  • Awareness raising activities, targeting school authorities with the aim to promote more inclusive schools for migrant and refugee children.

03. Partners

There are three key partnerships, creating synergies:

  • Refugee house program/Casa del Migrante, is a non – profit Civil Association in Tijuana which aims at the promotion of migrant and refugee rights and the reintegration of migrants and refugees by providing reception, accommodation and other complementary services.
  • Informal network of women’s association.
  • Academia/University Students already connected to MSF.

04. Related Material

05. Mexico City Diaries

Learn about the activities, view photo material and short videos from the MSF Urban Spaces project in Mexico City.