01. Intro

In Montreal, Canada the local team of MSF Urban Spaces initiative is composed of civil society actors, and members and volunteers from MSF’ s Canada association.

With focus on the contexts of migration, climate change and COVID – 19 pandemic fight, the team has been implementing a series of awareness raising, educational and networking activities in support of the migrant and refugee communities.

02. Activities

An awareness raising event was organized with the aim to unfold the impacts of climate change on forced migration, with a focus on Central America and Mexico.

A special session “Narratives of Migration: from Central America to Montreal” of CUISINE TA VILLE took place in Montreal where a variety of experts, migrants and community members discussed the crisis of forced migration in Northern Central America, the mental health impacts of migration and the potential for cities to be key actors in welcoming and integrating people forced to flee. The team has also launched and implemented the “Welcome Sessions” initiative with the aim to welcome newly arrived asylum seekers to Montreal and introduce them to members of Montreal community as well as to community resources.

By October 2019, 65 volunteers welcomed over 400 asylum seekers from around the world, in weekly Welcome Sessions. From April 2020 and due to COVID – 19 pandemic, the sessions were delivered remotely online and over the phone. Over 408 adult asylum seekers and their children, recently arrived to Montreal, were reached in more than 40 sessions.

03. Partners

Partners of Montreal MSF Urban Spaces local team:

  • Samuel Center of Connectedness works to catalyze innovative strategies to build connectedness within and between communities
  • Nurses Association in Quebec
  • Atwater Library
  • YMCA Residence for Asylum Seekers
  • PRAIDA (the Quebec Government’s program to welcome asylum seekers)

If you would like to get a better idea on the team’s activities, check out the: Montreal Diaries.

04. Montreal Diaries

Learn about the activities, view photo material and short videos from the MSF Urban Spaces project in Montreal.