01. Topic: Refugees and Migrants

Montreal is the third city in Canada with the largest migrant population, following Toronto and Vancouver.

According to national data, immigrants constitute the 23% of its’ total population. The main countries of origin are Haiti, France and Morocco. Refugees form a small proportion – almost 16% – of the foreign population.

02. Activities

Montreal, with a main focus on accessibility to healthcare will conduct the following activities:

Awareness raising Activities

  • Public Event on a specific topic linked with migration and seeking common grounds with other regions, such as Central America.

Educational Activities

  • Implementation of a school Program, for primary, secondary and pre – university levels of education which focuses on migrants’ routes from Central to North America.

Networking Activities

  • Lobby through Medical Associations and their members in order to improve migrants’ and refugees’ accessibility to health care.
  • Develop a bilateral closer partnership with Samuel Centre of Connectideness that, among its goals, works to build connectedness within and between communities and advocates for inclusive policy change.

03. Partners

There are three key partnerships, creating synergies:

  • Samuel Centre of Connectedness (SCSC), works to catalyze innovative strategies to build connectedness within and between communities.
  • Nurses Association in Quebec (connect for specific activities).

04. Montreal Mapping

05. Montreal Diaries

Learn about the activities, view photo material and short videos from the MSF Urban Spaces project in Montreal.