Taking Action in your Urban Space

Learn more about our MSF Urban Space approach and how it works.
Dive into useful organizing tools and ideas, for exploring your Urban Space and engaging your members, organizing your volunteers and groups.
Get more information on further MSF best practices such as MSF Take Action UK group and
finally learn from examples of other organizations, like Greenpeace.

Our Approach for Getting Started

How do we begin TAKING ACTION?

Begin by exploring what are the issues that matter most within your local context, how they can be connected to MSF and what resources may be available.

The following resources from MSF Urban Spaces might help you do your mapping:

Planning is essential to provide direction and to contribute to take successful action. It can be helpful, so as to know what we want to achieve and so as to set the objectives, the strategy and the actual action plan.

Below you will find some useful resources:

You have concluded on what is the issues you are concerned about and want to take action. This involves mobilizing your members and volunteers, building partnerships and organizing specific activities.

Our support for taking action includes following resources:

How do we know that our initiatives are working? Why is reporting important? It’s important to monitor what is happening, to measure the impact of our activities and to make certain there are “no numbers without a story and no story without numbers”

Here you will find some resources for monitoring the progress and results:

Action is already in place and important work has started. How do we keep going? How do we sustain our efforts and develop them further?

Here are some ideas and resources:

Organizing Tools

Inspiring Examples

Related Toolkits