01. Topic: Refugees and Migrants

Turin is one of the most important cultural and economic centers of northern Italy.

Over the 13% of its population are foreigners mainly from Balkan countries, Morocco and China.

02. Activities

Turin, will implement several activities mainly related to the empowerment of local grass route organisations to develop a stronger advocacy. Special focus will be given to housing issues for the most vulnerable:

Educational Activities

5 seminars will be conducted on the following topics:

  • Informal settlements in urban settings: analysis of the local experience of the “Ex Moi”, through direct testimonies.
  • Urban regeneration and social housing: analysis of the local experience of “La Salette” project.
  • Agriculture seasonal workers VS housing: analysis of the experience of Saluzzo area.
  • Turin municipality policies on housing for vulnerable citizens, migrants/refugees and Italian ones, with the participation of Nichelino and Turin municipalitie.
  • Reception system for asylum seekers and refugees within the new legal framework.

Capacity Building

  • A series of laboratories addressed to migrants / refugees organizations, civil society organizations and university students in order to build capacity towards positive narrative.

Awareness Raising

  • Laboratories in secondary/high schools to change students’ perception on migrants/refugees.
  • Conference, open to the public.
  • A debate within Turin municipal cultural centers located in areas particularly affected by the migration phenomenon.

03. Partners

There are six key partnerships, creating synergies:

  • Master of Journalism – University of Turin, aims to teach future journalists technics and practices of the profession to 20 students every year. It collaborates with other University departments like Contemporary History; Philosophy and Sciences; Management; Politics, Culture and Society.The Master has a press organization named Futura News where all students practice what the learn during the years: https://www.futura.news/
  • Prof. Marco Buttino – researcher at the University of Turin & Prof. Antonio Stopani – anthropologist – collaborator working in AthensProf. Marco Buttino is developing a research on the informal settlement in Turin, focusing on the EX-MOI but looking at the different experiences in the Turin territory. Part of the research consists of seminars involving different institutions and civil society associations. The final goal of prof. Buttino would be a publication on the EX-MOI experience. A look at the informal settlement as an answer to the need of community, shelter, resilient activities.
  • Diaconia Valdese, is a non-profit ecclesiastical organization coordinating assistance to migrants and asylum seekers and refugees through reception and integration projects.It operates in 7 Italian regions (Piedmont, Liguria, Lombardy, Veneto, Tuscany, Campania and Sicily) providing over 500 places for the reception and support of asylum seekers and refugees.
  • ASAI Association, proposes cultural and educational initiatives involving refugees and migrants in the Turin territory. Above all, by focusing on the youth participation, ASAI organizes Italian language lessons, collaborates with the schools on integration activities, works for job orientation and vocational training activities.
  • CON MOI Association, is a multicultural association organizing activities aimed at creating public awareness on different themes: from climate change to crafts workshops. The activities are mainly addressed to primary school students.
  • Carovane migranti, Carovane Migranti is an informal organization aimed to raise awareness on migrants’ rights and to sustain migrants’ families in the research of the disappeared one. Organizing public awareness initiatives on the right to mobility of people and supporting international migrants’ caravan, Carovane Migranti also promotes activities in the school through the direct testimonies of the migration phenomenon.

04. Turin Mapping

05. Related Material

06. Turin Diaries

Learn about the activities, view photo material and short videos from the MSF Urban Spaces project in Turin.

Media Workshop in Turin

18 participants, among them 5 refugees, all working or volunteering for refugees in Turin attended the Media workshop “The role of communication for positive narration and perspective of migration” organized in Turin…

Workshop for teachers and Educators

“Transcultural. Multicultural. Intercultural. Where is the school going? A talk with the teachers” was the title of a workshop organized by Turin’s MSF Urban Spaces team on May 20th 2019. 12 teachers…