WaCa – “M – MAC Campaign”

MSF Urban Spaces local team from West and Central Africa Association in Nigeria developed the “M – MAC Campaign” in Marke community, Kaugama area of Jigawa State.

“M – MAC Campaign” which is a public awareness health campaign which aims to fight Covid-19 and reduce community transmission among the populace with a number of activities:

a. Strategic distribution of cloth masks to the people starting with Primary Health Centers, market routes, religious centers (mosques and churches)

b. Handwashing points at strategic places

c. Picture messages using leaflets, flyers, posters, message boards indicating what Covid-19 is, how to get access to information regarding public health issues, and how they can make their own cloth masks.

The campaign is reaching out to 9 villages based on administrative division and borders several other communities. Local Community leaders and local groups have been welcoming the local team, whereas the team set off in spite of challenging weather conditions and poor road network.

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