Athens Educational Toolkit

This educational Toolkit was created within the context of the “MSF Urban Spaces” initiative. The increase in migrant and refugee populations in Greece over the last years and the consequent setup of a multicultural landscape in the Greek schools, urge for interactive and participatory tools able to enhance intercultural communication and proximity between students from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds.  In addition, the need to enhance raise awareness around issues such as the migration and refugee crisis and the challenges that our societies are called to face, is imperative.

The main aim of the toolkit is to become a useful tool for teachers and educators willing to launch intercultural activities in the class that introduce students to the migration and refugee issue, familiarize them with the terms of identity and diversity and cultivate empathy and cooperation among them. 

The educational material is an outcome of a joint collaboration between MSF Greece, the Greek Forum for Refugees, Melissa, Greenpeace, educators and volunteers and applies mainly to children and adolescents aged 10 – 18.

It consists of 2 proposed lesson plans that can be adjusted according to the needs of each class. There is a list of activities – games, photo gallery, short films, experiential exercises – among which the educators can choose.

Below you may find the lesson plans along with all the available activities so far.

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