Using The MSF Urban Spaces Toolbox

This online Toolbox provides resources, tools and ideas, to help people work together in solidarity, to build stronger communities.

All material and information you will find in it, is created during the MSF Urban Spaces Initiative since 2018.

The initiative aimed to develop a participatory approach to organizing action with communities, by engaging MSF members, volunteers, and staff with civil society actors, in support of the most vulnerable groups of society.

There are 3 Main SPACES, each one designed thoroughly, to give you the overview of the MSF Urban Spaces approach and activities and motivate you in organizing action in your community.


Our Cities

Visit Our Cities to browse through all activities developed and implemented in 15 cities in Africa, Asia, the Americas and Europe, in the context of migration, COVID-19 and climate change. Τhese activities include capacity building workshops for migrant and refuges communities, awareness-raising activities, solidarity campaigns and events, educational activities for students and educators a.o. These activities have been a source of inspiration for hundreds of volunteers, who organized and led them and who reached over 10.000 civil society actors and individual citizens, engaging them into action.

Our Cities

MSF Urban Spaces Diaries

In MSF Urban Spaces Diaries, you can be informed on the project’s latest news, find photos, inspiring videos and articles on how you can have a substantial impact on your local environment.

MSF Urban Spaces Diaries

Our Tools

In Our Tools space, you can develop a better understanding of the distinctive elements of the approach and the steps one needs to take, once implementing it, into organizing action with communities under Step by Step Guidance on the approach. In this space you can also dig deeper, into the Partnerships, as one of the key steps of the approach. Go through the Partnership Guide, to learn more about what a good partnership looks like and consult the guide to build your own.

Visit the A Set of Tools space, to discover via videos, handbooks and best practices, organizing tools and get practical tips, to help you in organizing action with communities. Besides a collection of Τactics, you can also learn more, on how to use the Story Telling techniques, as an effective way of engaging others into solidarity action. Under Podcasts, you can view a podcasts manual and learn how to plan your audio shows.

At Specific Context Resources, browse through several educational and capacity building material on COVID – 19, Migration and Climate Change.

Our Tools

For a more specific search, visit our LIBRARY for assisting material, information on the relevant topics, best practices and tools.