MSF Urban Spaces Bridging event in Barcelona, November 2019

The MSF Urban Spaces global team from the 6 core cities of Athens, Johannesburg, Istanbul, Mexico city and Montreal along with representatives from MSF SARA, WACA, ΕΕΑ, LATAM and International met in Barcelona, the 20&21st of November 2019.

The objectives of the meeting were mainly:

  • Sharing the key learnings, tools and ideas from the MSF Urban Spaces implementation
  • Connecting actions with the bigger MSF picture and “the MSF we want to be”,
  • Introducing the building blocks of MSF Urban Spaces
  • Discussing and planning on how learnings could be leveraged in the future.

More than 20 participants had the chance to get an overall picture of the outputs of the project, work on case studies and exchange experiences and ideas.

All the material presented in the meeting – per city – can be found in the following links:

  1. Athens Educational Toolkit
  2. Johannesburg School Presentation
  3. Istanbul Health Mediation Workshop
  4. Montreal Welcome Sessions Initiative
  5. Montreal Cuisine ta ville
  6. Turin Media Workshop
  7. Turin Ex Moi Intervention

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