OCBA Associative Workshop

The annual Associative Workshop of OCBA took place in June 2019. The workshop lasted for 3 days from June 12-June 14th.
14 participants from Yemen, Iraq, Palestine, El Salvador, Mexico, Venezuela, Nigeria, CAR, DRC, Sudan, Bangladesh, India, Guinea Bissau, South Sudan and Ethiopia were there.

Main aim of the workshop was to build capacity among participants as focal points in their missions. First day of the workshop was dedicated on the value of the associative life of MSF. Based on the MSF Urban Spaces approach the next two days were dedicated into working closer with the participants on effective ways of engagement of others into associative activities and on the follow up with concrete suggestions for their missions.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Build Capacity among participants as focal points
  • Develop basic knowledge of MSF Association and what it is all about/ What is the value of the Association/DAY 1
  • Build Capacity on how to engage effectively others in associative activities /DAY 2
  • Have a draft plan of activities for the coming months/DAY 3

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