Social Media and Public Speaking Workshops

A 2-day capacity building workshop on social media & public speaking, took place in Athens, on July 2019 at the Greek Forum of Refugees Office. The capacity building workshop was delivered by 1 member of the Association of MSF Greece with expertise on communication in order to support and train the refugee communities on specific communication issues identified and selected by themselves, such as social media management, fake news, public speaking (active listening +positive narrative).

6 representatives from the following refugee communities participated in each workshop: Ivory Coast, DRC Congo, Afghanistan, Greek Forum of Refugees working staff (3).

The main topics discussed were:

Day 1-> Social Media Strategy (development and implementation) + Fake News (how we spot and report them, what can we do at national/European level to confront the problem).

Day 2-> Public Speaking: Active listening (tips/techniques) + Positive narrative (tips/examples of saying a story focusing on the positive side/how to answer positively to a negative argument).

The workshop (2-day, 3hrs/day) consisted both by theoretical (presentation) and practical parts (i.e. exercise) encouraging active participation and interaction.

Both days a presentation (ppt) was delivered acting as a basis for the discussion that was gradually developing. Participants provided first-hand examples feeding constructively the interaction.

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