Contributing Cities

MSF Urban Spaces Contributing Cities are cities that connected and joined the initiative at a later stage than its kick off in January 2018. Some of them had already been developing their own initiatives and we have connected so as to learn more from one another but also to support one another.

Some other cities have expressed interest to develop relevant initiatives by making use of the tools and the approach, the MSF Urban Spaces cities have implemented so far.

In this space one can find more information about them.

01. London

The MSF UK Associative Group to Take Action on migration came into being through unanimous support to a motion brought by an Association member to the 2016 AGM.

The group aims to improve the situation of migrants and refugees in the UK and to offset the dangerous narrative of the UK Government and media about migration. We do this through four main categories of action:

  • Support MSF UK work on migration;
  • Educate and inform the MSF Association about the difficult situation migrants are facing in the UK, what their options are, and what citizens can and are doing about it;
  • Mobilise the MSF UK Association around campaigns, marches and actions;
  • Extend the reach of important campaigns being led by others.

04. Contributing Cities Diaries

Learn about the activities, view photo material and short videos from the MSF Urban Spaces project in the Contributing Cities.