Rome, Bergamo, Palermo

01. Intro

Since 2020, in Rome, Bergamo and Palermo the local teams of MSF Urban Spaces focused on the context of inclusion and COVID – 19 pandemic fight, developed an action plan to address COVID – 19 challenges.

02. Activities

Approximately 700 volunteers from 28 local associations in total participated in distant learning trainings and workshops with the aim to support the “re-opening of our communities” beyond the 1st acute COVID – 19 wave.

Also, a Toolkit on Infection Prevention Control (IPC) has been developed by the team and is used widely by local associations.

Last, local groups of MSF volunteers, among them health workers, nurses and a psychiatrist carried out a distant learning program for home nurses and home care givers for the vulnerable population with focus Health Promotion and Epidemiological surveillance

03. Multimedia

04. Partners

Partners of Italy MSF Urban Spaces local team:

  • University of Turin – Master of Journalism
  • Professor Marco Buttino – researcher at the University of Turin and Antonio Stopani – anthropologist
  • Diaconia Valdese is a non – profit ecclesiastical organization coordinating assistance to migrants and asylum seekers and refugees through reception and integration projects.
  • ASAI Association proposes cultural and educational initiatives involving refugees and migrants in Turin territory by focusing on the youth participation.
  • CON MOI Association is a multicultural association organizing activities aimed at creating public awareness on different themes from climate change to crafts workshops.
  • Carovane Migranti is an informal organization aimed to raise awareness on migrants’ rights and to sustain migrants’ families in the research of the disappeared one.

If you would like to get a better idea on the team’s activities, check out the: Italy Diaries.

05. Italy Diaries

Learn about the activities, view photo material and short videos from the MSF Urban Spaces project in Italy.