01. Intro

In Turin, Italy the local team of MSF Urban Spaces initiative is composed of civil society actors, academia and members and volunteers from MSF’ s Italy association.

02. Activities

The team has been implementing a series of awareness raising, educational and capacity building activities mainly related to the empowerment of local grass route organizations to develop a stronger advocacy with special focus to housing issues for the most vulnerable.

Among them workshops for educators and school visits have been planned with focus on the school context and perceptions of migration among students.

A Media Workshop was also organized with 18 participants, among them 5 refugees, all working or volunteering for refugees in Turin in collaboration with the Master of Journalism. The main aim of the workshop was capacity building towards a positive narrative on refugees. Last there was an MSF intervention in the Ex – MOI settlements in Turin targeting the access on public health services by the inhabitants of one of the most populous informal settlements in Italy. MSF has promoted access to the national healthcare service for residents of the ex – Moi, by involving also local authorities and the relevant communities. Over 469 people were assisted within the first 8 months of 2019.

03. Italy Diaries

Learn about the activities, view photo material and short videos from the MSF Urban Spaces project in Italy.