WaCa Story Telling Workshop

A Story Telling WorkShop was held in December 2020 – January 2021 with 11 participants from WaCA association members and campaign volunteers.

The Story Telling is an idea that was born from the local MSF Urban Spaces team in South Africa and their experience on how effective stories can be to communicate messages.

What we learnt is that, when people are given space to share their challenges and successes in the form of personal stories, they form meaningful relationships and find new insights about their work. The vivid descriptions, specific anecdotes, and powerful reflections that emerge through a storytelling approach can bring initiatives like Urban Spaces to life and document moments of change for all to witness.

At this space you can read 4 stories inspired by the M – MAC Campaign (Mask me Against COVID – 19) that took place in Nigeria.

“M – MAC Campaign” which is a public awareness health campaign which aims to fight Covid-19 and reduce community transmission among the populace with a number of activities:

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