Graffiti Production

A video of 44 minutes in English has been produced by Leki, a graffiti artist, showing how to prepare a graffiti and giving specific tips and considerations (dos and don’ts) so as to have the best possible result.

A video made by a professional graffiti creator in a simple and clear way that can be used as a roadmap by a non – professional using his creativity and imagination.

The video has been initially produced so as to support the MSF Urban Spaces local team from West and Central Africa Association in Nigeria that developed the “M – MAC Campaign”. “M – MAC Campaign” is a public awareness health campaign which aims to fight Covid-19 and reduce community transmission with a number of activities, one of which is the graffiti creation in a central area of the local community.

If you wish, you can watch the video here:

If you want to know more about the graffiti artist here: leki (@lekiart) • Instagram photos and videos and lekiart – YouTube

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